As ​​​​​​​a GIS consultant, I’m all about data and map-making.

I've completed my bachelors in architecture at Istanbul Technical University. In the meantime, I spent a semester at École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-La Villette. After having had some internships and work experiences in Istanbul as an architect in restoration, design and art fields, I moved to Rome to have my master's in architecture at Sapienza University of Rome which led me to a research internship at Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

I joined Dat.mobility in June 2021 right after my master's to discover new challenges in an interdisciplinary position. I've been busy since then with GIS analyses, map-making, handling big data, playing with GPS traces, scraping from online sources, etc. using both Dutch and international data sources. In my daily work, my international experience and knowledge of architecture and urbanism comes in handy.

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