Lucas van der Linde

Lucas van der Linde

urban mobility consultant

I’m fascinated by the space around me and the role mobility plays within it, wherever I happen to be. As an urban mobility consultant, I therefore always approach domestic and foreign mobility challenges from an integrated perspective. I believe that the human aspect must be the central factor as regards public space and the impact that mobility has on it. “Overall well-being” is therefore a central concept in my work as an adviser. 

In recent years, I’ve worked on various strategic policy and area development projects. Innovation and integrality are always central to my work. As a policy adviser, I enjoy working with public authorities and other stakeholders on the mobility system of the future. That can be at the level of MIRT projects or large-scale area development projects to transform provincial public transport systems, with an important role for mobility hubs.  

I’m always eager to learn, I take the initiative, and I work visually, and I have good organisation skills. As a generalist, I automatically adopt an integrated approach. Most of the projects in which I’m the project leader are characterised by their policy-oriented nature and the breadth of the process involved. That means I’m often in meetings with various stakeholders. Ideally, the projects I’m involved in also pay great attention to sustainability. 

Important projects that I’ve worked on include “Speeding up Public Transport Together”, in which we worked on a future-proof public transport network for the Utrecht region. For years now, I’ve also been closely involved in developing plans for the Merwede Canal zone in Utrecht, where the mobility transition is being implemented. And I’ve recently been working on the plan for developing mobility hubs in West Brabant. 

Besides my work in the Netherlands, I also work on various international projects or give presentations at conferences. I apply the knowledge I gain there to my own Dutch projects. Through recent projects in Canada and the United States, for example, I’ve learned a lot about how to tackle social inclusiveness, a topic that is close to my heart and that’s fortunately also becoming increasingly important in the Dutch mobility world. 

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