Patrick Pieters

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Patrick Pieters

During my master’s degree in Vienna, I experienced - being that one crazy Dutchman on a bicycle - how a different infrastructure and culture can cause completely different behaviour among cyclists, pedestrians and car drivers. And moreover: an unsafe experience!

It was at that time, that  I became particularly interested in the role of behaviour and perception. Luckily, I was able to turn this into my job. As a researcher in the fields of behaviour and perception at Goudappel, I am able to combine my interests in mobility, psychology, sociology and politics. 

Often times, issues are either highlighted from a technological side, or approached entirely from a sociological perspective. My interest lies precisely where those two converge. How do the available mobility options influence our behaviour? And what preferences and beliefs do we have that determine whether we go by train, or happen to take the car?  

I always approach mobility issues from an ecosystem perspective. After all, there are countless factors that play a role in determining our behaviour and experience! That is why I like to see spatial infrastructures as constantly changing networks of residents and tourists, buildings and institutions, but also as networks of urban politics, history, economies and technical systems such as trains and buses.  

I’m at my best when I get the chance to translate complex issues and big ideas into practical and feasible perspectives. Obviously, the lived experience of actors involved and the motivations behind human behaviour always play a central role for me. 

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