Raymond Huisman

public transport consultant

Raymond Huisman

“We’re going to build a million houses”, “After Covid there’ll be ‘the real tasks’ to tackle – we need to work on the climate” or “Make sure everyone can participate” – the challenges facing society today and tomorrow all affect how we move around. I want to help tackle these challenges by improving our mobility system.

To do so, I make use of what I call my “T profile”, meaning surveying the entire spectrum of issues and then delving deeply into one of them. As both a traffic engineer and a spatial planner, I’m basically a generalist with specialist know-how. My strength lies in linking my specialist knowledge of public transport to other issues. For me, questions such as “How does dealing with a specific issue contribute to ‘the bigger story’?” are relevant here. 

In recent years, I’ve therefore been working on combing bicycle use and public transport, electrification of the Dutch bus fleet, and integration of trams into the urban environment. A constant focus on how today’s mobility helps achieve long-term goals keeps me on my toes. 

I prefer working in a group: two heads are better than one. I boost my social impact by developing and sharing know-how. Supervising students and doing research ensures that we are constantly working with the latest insights. I like to share research results that are useful for other people, for example by publishing articles in professional media or by speaking at conferences. 

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