Stefan de Graaf

Stefan de Graaf

data & mobility consultant

I’m really enthusiastic about visualising mobility. Modelling allows us to interpret and visualise the effects of policy measures, but using data sources is also making that increasingly possible. It’s when you combine the two approaches that you get really great results.

A lot of people find models and mobility data really complex, but they can support policymakers in developing a sustainable living environment for us all. For me, the challenge is to communicate complex data in an accessible manner. 

I prefer to operate in the space between data specialists and strategic policymakers, where I can interpret outcomes and results. My many years of experience as a transport modelling specialist, my background as a traffic engineer and social geographer, and my feeling for clear and concise communication make me a good sparring partner for both specialists and generalists. 

The fact that all our employees are co-owners of the company makes Dat.mobility a highly committed organisation. What’s nice about it is that as a business developer I have a great deal of freedom to explore new things and initiate innovation. Working with a large number of enthusiastic, highly motivated colleagues, in combination with a great diversity of clients, ensures that no two days are the same. 

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