"Traffic Light Optimization through Smart Algorithms"

Traffic Light Optimization through Smart Algorithms

L. Krol1*, H. Zwijnenberg2, L. Suijs3, M. de Kievit4
1. Goudappel Coffeng, The Netherlands
2. Goudappel Coffeng, The Netherlands
3. Goudappel Coffeng, The Netherlands
4. Goudappel Coffeng, The Netherlands

With smart algorithms, combined with additional data from loop detectors, Goudappel Coffeng can
reduce delay times in the real world at signalized intersections by approximately 25%. The
improvement in traffic flows is beneficial for both road users and the environment because a better
throughput means fewer emissions. In the new algorithm, the signal controller chooses the scenario
that best fits the system optimum, with respect to the constraints set by the road authority. The tests (a
simulation test and field test) were conducted in close collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch
national road authority, and the Innovatiecentrale Helmond. The test results will be used as input for
further research and development, for example to incorporate short-term forecasts into the signal
control algorithms.

ITS, Congestion, Signal Controller, Optimization, iVRI