Alejandro Montes

Alejandro Montes

public transport consultant

I am fascinated by how transport shapes our life. The challenges that constantly emerge in terms of space, environment and quality of life, all call for solutions to make our cities more liveable and more sustainable. I believe that public transport offers great opportunities for this.

As a public transport advisor, I work mainly on processing, analysis, and interpretation of data (often from transport models) to provide well informed advice. I have a special interest in strategic (long-term) mobility studies, where I like to make connections between transport models, policy needs and traveller’s choices. I have valuable knowledge in topics related to transport modelling, choice behaviour and shared mobility.

At Goudappel we are a group of highly motivated professionals with a common believe that well thought-out and designed transport systems have a positive impact on our cities and countries. We all have different areas of expertise, and as such we complement each other to tackle the multidisciplinary challenges that we face.

I am also part of the board of the Iganga foundation (a foundation set up in 2008 by Goudappel) from which I intend to help developing countries achieve their goals in Sustainable mobility. We do this with a focus on stimulating knowledge transfer and by sharing the Dutch experience and know-how in the field of mobility. 

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