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Mobility solutions: from strategy through to implementation

From providing advice on the mobility system in 2040 and studies into how people perceive their journeys to the sustainable transformation of a railway station forecourt, through to developing and implementing innovative transport models. We put our expertise to use across the whole gamut of mobility services. 

Strategy and spatial planning

Effective and sustainable mobility solutions are key to a properly functioning city or region. This is not just about accessibility. Mobility solutions need to contribute to wider goals such as a vibrant economy, health and safety, sustainability, and social inclusiveness. That's why we always approach a project with the city's or region's integrated political goals and aspirations in mind: “What kind of city or region do you want to be?” From there, we work with you to see what mobility solutions and public realm design best fit your goals and whether you may need to bring in other parties. 

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Networks and modelling

With our traffic and transport expertise we make mobility systems work better and ensure that existing infrastructure is used effectively. We do this by developing transport models, drawing up traffic forecasts, optimising traffic signal control systems, as well as writing traffic management plans and providing advice on temporary and other traffic measures. 

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Area and location development

From large urban areas to smaller-scale locations, and from zoning plans to environmental permits, we make sure that development projects can be integrated into existing plans and regulations, whilst factoring in their impact on the immediate vicinity. This is not just about the safe flow of traffic and matching car and bicycle parking provision. It's also about high-qualify design and environmental and economic impact assessments. Where relevant, we advise on shared mobility and mobility hubs. We bring parties together. We understand the political game and the interests of project developers and other stakeholders, and we speak the language of lawyers. Our aim is to provide robust advice which connects up accessibility, liveability, and road safety. 

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Policy and behavioural research

Many mobility measures will only have an impact if people adjust their behaviour. It's therefore important to understand how people are likely to respond to a particular mobility solution before putting it in place. We study people's mobility behaviour using a plethora of available data and research methods. These provide us with rich insights that support our clients with their decision-making. The research methods range from behavioural and perception studies to monitoring and evaluation and big-data analysis. 

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Data and IT solutions

To pursue an effective mobility policy, decisions need to be based on numbers. In fact, we need current data to draw up forecasts and to better monitor and understand developments. Due to uncertainties and changes on the mobility markets, there's a need for data that is presented clearly and provides a perspective for action. We offer both standard and customised applications, for example to unlock data and run scenarios. We also analyse, enrich, and deliver mobility data. In this way we provide objective insights for better decisions. 

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Mobility themes

We work constantly to deepen and broaden our knowledge of today's mobility issues. But we also look ahead, because the world of mobility is constantly evolving. What does it mean when e-bike riders cover ever larger distances? What opportunities does smart mobility offer us? How do we combat transport poverty? We'll be only too happy to share the insights we gain with you. Take a look at smart mobility, one of the themes we focus on.

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