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Data is an essential and growing part of today's mobility world. But data only becomes truly valuable when it leads to information and knowledge. Dat.mobility is the Goudappel group company where all data, GIS and software development expertise comes together precisely to address this challenge – to convert data into information, insights and action perspectives and ultimately to help you achieve your mobility goals.  

Data-driven approach 

Data has increasingly become a commodity for decision-making information and the mobility domain. But how can you see the wood for the trees and turn this mass of data into meaningful insights? We process, enrich, present, and analyse all kinds of data sources to create relevant insights, both at national and neighbourhood level, and everything in between. We can also advise you on the right data strategy for your mobility goals.  

We deliver services and products at various stages. For example, we develop ancillary products such as digital networks for transport modelling or databases with traffic data. But we also convert data sources into finished products for monitoring purposes, strategic accessibility analyses, or climate and environmental projects. Whatever your policy question, we can map out and advise on the mobility situation in your region.   

Applications and IT solutions 

To analyse and process all this data, we need specialist IT solutions. Our software developers create customised software for your project. We fully integrate these solutions into your work process and validate and monitor the applications.  

With our knowledge of data, mobility and IT, we make sure that end-users have maximum access to the right decision-making information. In addition, we develop and manage our own products for calculating and unlocking mobility information. Working closely with Dutch universities of technology, we develop innovative mathematical algorithms for transport modelling and data interfaces  So we can also provide you with application solutions. 

Related to this expertise

  • Accessibility analyses

    Insight into the accessibility of key locations and the development opportunities of groups of people

  • Environmental impact monitoring

    For calculating mobility effects on the environment and climate


Services and products in the field of data and IT

  • OmniTRANS Expert

    The most widely used software for traffic modelling in the Netherlands

  • OmniTRANS Analytics

    Web-based tool for powerful and attractive visualisations of mobility data


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