Fastest route to city centre or highway thanks to dynamic route information panels


DRIP Deventer

Providing motorists with the fastest route to the city centre or to the highway is possible in Deventer (a city in the east of the Netherlands) thanks to OmniTRANS Realtime's predictions.

About OmniTRANS Realtime

OmniTRANS Realtime (software from Dat.mobility, part of Goudappel) makes short-term predictions based on real-time data. This provides insight into how the traffic situation is developing in the short term.  That makes it the perfect basis for proactive traffic management. With OmniTRANS Realtime, we ensure better accessibility and optimal traffic flows. In Deventer, we tested the application of OmniTRANS Realtime for DRIPs. 

Dynamic route information panels in Deventer

There are several dynamic route information panels (DRIP's) in Deventer, which inform drivers of the current traffic situation. These signs are controlled by Technolution's traffic management system MobiMaestro. For two DRIPs in the city, we created a link between MobiMaestro and OmniTRANS Realtime. The predictions from our software form the input for the information panel. 

The two DRIPs in question both represent a decision point. Here, the road user can choose two different routes to arrive at the same end point (in this case, the end point of one route is the city centre and the second end point is the highway).

OmniTRANS Realtime compares the congestion in the coming minutes of one route with the other and determines the most efficient route. Based on this, the signs adapt. By using short-term forecasts, the signs are better able to inform drivers of the fastest route towards their destination.

DRIP's Deventer

DRIP Deventer

How does this work?

The figure above shows one of the DRIPs, with two different messages. The map shows the location where the DRIP is located. The red and green routes are both routes heading towards the centre of Deventer. Normally, when congestion is low, the red route is preferred. If this route also remains the fastest route according to forecasts, road users will see the message on the left image. 

Since this route is preferred by road users anyway, the DRIP in this case remains on an image of Deventer.

However, if it turns out that in the next few minutes the red route fills up and therefore the green route becomes faster - the system automatically switches to the message on the right-hand image. Traffic is immediately directed in the most efficient direction (without the red route actually having to fill up first).

This project proves the potential of using OmniTRANS Realtime to control DRIPs. 

Client: Municipality of Deventer
Period: 2018 - 2021

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