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The solution to better accessibility has long since ceased to lie in building new roads or widening existing ones. We must make smarter use of the road capacity we currently have and ensure that the existing road network can handle the traffic more efficiently. This is not only more cost-effective, but also fits in better with the transition to more sustainable and liveable cities. Smart use of data and modelling plays a key role in this.

Proactive traffic management

OmniTRANS Realtime ensures that traffic management can no longer be reactive, but proactive, thus improving accessibility and making mobility truly sustainable. It does this by continuously providing a complete overview of traffic density and throughput on the entire road network, using real-time data from measuring loops, iVRIs and Floating Car Data, and making predictions of the traffic situation up to 60 minutes ahead.

The many possibilities of OmniTRANS Realtime

OmniTRANS Realtime helps road managers to continuously improve the accessibility of road traffic. OmniTRANS Realtime offers the following possibilities:

  • Proactively responding to the expected traffic situation instead of only reacting to the current traffic situation. By taking measures earlier, problems become less serious or can even be prevented;
  • Intervening in the total network instead of taking measures per element within a network. Because the road manager has a better overview of the entire network, there are more possibilities to intervene in the total network;
  • Further flexibilisation of traffic management by setting up automatic control scenarios;
  • Using the data to detect and act upon incidents immediately;
  • Analysing and optimising traffic management measures. Because circumstances are better understood due to the availability of more data, road managers can respond to them in a better informed manner. Even in unfamiliar situations where traditional knowledge is no longer sufficient due to significantly changed circumstances.

In the near future, we will even go a step further and OmniTRANS Realtime will make it possible to weigh measures in real time before they are applied. This will create even more time for fine-tuning and weighing up measures. Read more about the three modules with which OmniTRANS Realtime can be used.

OmniTRANS Realtime in de praktijk

Op de weg zorgt het toepassen van OmniTRANS Realtime ervoor dat:

  • Congestie wordt voorkomen in plaats van verholpen
  • Verwachte reistijden beter worden ingeschat
  • De efficiĆ«ntste routekeuze wordt weergeven
  • Spitsstroken efficiĆ«nter worden benut
  • Brugopeningen kunnen worden meegewogen in het bepalen van de verkeershinder
  • Groentijden van alle VRI's op elkaar aangepast kunnen worden
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What makes OmniTRANS Realtime distinctive?

Besides the many features that OmniTRANS Realtime offers, it contains a number of elements that make it unique and distinctive:

  • It uses real-time data on crowds and speeds driven instead of just historical data.
  • The combination of real-time data and modelling allows the model to make consistent statements about different types of situations, even if they have not occurred before. Data points that are inconsistent are smoothed out by the modelling approach.
  • By combining real-time data and modelling, predictions are made for the next 10 to 30 minutes with high reliability. It is even possible to make predictions up to 60 minutes ahead.
  • OmniTRANS Realtime makes recalculations every minute for the most reliable image.

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OmniTRANS Realtime can be used as a decision support system in a traffic centre, but also to fully automatically control trigger based control scenarios. Proactive instead of reactive traffic management is the key to ensuring accessibility in an increasingly busy environment.

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