Lieuwe Krol

Lieuwe Krol

traffic management consultant

In traffic, choices have to be made all the time about who can use which part of the road and when. Sometimes these choices are conflicting and space has to be divided up. How do you do that most effectively and efficiently? How do we ensure that the city remains liveable?

With the introduction of new, open data sources, we have a broader understanding of mobility patterns. This allows us to provide solid and substantiated answers to mobility questions. In doing so, there is still a lot of ground to cover, because what, for example, can we learn from measurement data? How can we use new, open data in projects? It is my passion to solve mobility puzzles. This often requires innovative solutions and that's where I am at my best.

I studied civil engineering at the University of Twente and joined Goudappel as a traffic management consultant in 2009. I have done all kinds of projects in the field of dynamic traffic models (VISSIM), (big) data analyses and large research projects. Together with colleagues, I work on very different projects and products to provide our clients with the right advice. The variety of issues is what keeps the job challenging every day.

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