Privacy statement

Below you can read the privacy statement of Goudappel Groep BV.

Goudappel Groep BV considers it its responsibility to protect the privacy of everyone who is involved in our work, such as clients, partners, suppliers, respondents, employees and other interested parties. In this Privacy Statement you can read how we deal with personal data and how you can contact us about this. The Privacy Statement has been drawn up in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of 25 May 2018.

Description of the company

Goudappel Groep BV consists of the operating companies Goudappel BV, Dat.mobility BV and Meet4research BV. The companies under the Goudappel Groep provide advice, products and services to customers in the field of mobility. For this we sometimes make use of personal data.

Other websites

Our websites contain links to other websites. These may belong to our customers, partners, YouTube, etc. Our privacy policy only applies to the websites of Goudappel Groep BV. If you visit other websites via these links, you should also consult their privacy policy if you wish to be fully informed of the privacy rules applied there.


When you visit the websites of Goudappel Groep BV, a small file is placed on the hard disk of your computer. These so-called Cookies make our websites more useful by storing information about your preferences. This makes it easier for you to log in in the future, to use the websites and to find relevant information. Cookies do not identify an Internet user personally, but a user's computer is identified.

Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, but if you wish, you can set your browser to prevent automatic acceptance. Open the 'help' section of your browser, which explains the various options for dealing with cookies. If you disable cookies, you may not have access to all functions on our websites.

The websites of Goudappel Groep BV can provide cookies for the following purposes:

  • Analysis: We optimise the websites by following users on the website and thereby improving the user experience;
  • Saving your previously completed forms. This to save time when filling out new forms;
  • Showing you our advertisements when you visit other websites.

Purpose and use of personal data

The Goudappel Groep companies may collect and use personal information:

For our own use:

Information that you provide to us for the purpose of processing a business transaction;
Information that you provide to us via contact forms or external downloads such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, mailing address and company, to request information about our software or services;
Where permitted, the Goudappel Group companies may collect information about specific individuals and companies obtained from other parties. This helps us to keep our records up to date, to expand and analyse them. But also to identify new customers and to offer products and services that may be of interest to you;
Where permitted, the Goudappel Groep companies can collect and/or process personal data in the context of research for a product or service.

By order of a client:

The companies of the Goudappel Group can collect and/or process personal data in the framework of a survey for advice, a product or a service. In these cases there is always a processing agreement that Goudappel Groep companies enter into with a client. The Goudappel Groep company is then the Processor within the meaning of the AVG 2018 and the client is the Processor within the meaning of the AVG 2018.

We do not collect or use information for purposes other than those described in this Privacy Statement unless you have given your prior consent.

However, we may have your personal data processed by a third party. In that case, we always enter into a (sub)processor's agreement with this party. In such an agreement, the third party is always obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data.

Image and sound recordings

During events organised by companies of the Goudappel Group, video and audio recordings can be made. These recordings may be used by companies of the Goudappel Group in its available communication channels. These channels include e.g. websites, social media channels, newsletters, video channels and leaflets. This with the aim of depicting our events in images and words, to report on the event or to use the event as a representation for future events. For each individual event that is organised, every individual can explicitly declare upon registration whether permission is granted for the use of visual and audio material in which you are clearly recognisable, on one of the Goudappel Group's communication channels.

Rights of the individual

If your personal data are included in our files, you have the following rights:

  • Right of access. At your request, we will give you access to the personal data we have collected from you;
  • Right to rectification. At your request we will rectify your personal data;
  • Right to lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Authority;
  • Right to transfer. At your request we will transfer your personal data to another organisation;
  • Right to stop use. At your request we will remove your personal data from our systems.

Security and period of storage

All personal information you provide to us will remain secure and confidential. We will not share your information with third parties, with the exception of specific processing operations for which we have specific (sub)processor agreements. In order to protect the information provided to us from loss, misuse and unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration or destruction, we are ISO 27001 certified.

We may disclose your personal information and/or user information if we are ordered to do so by the police or judicial authorities.

We do not keep your personal information longer than necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. After that time, we destroy the data.

Policy updates

Goudappel Groep BV can update this Privacy Statement by placing a new version on this website. For the most recent version of our policy, please visit our website.


If you wish to contact Goudappel Groep BV about any aspect of our privacy policy, please use the details below:

Goudappel Groep BV
Snipperlingsdijk 4
7417 BJ Deventer
the Netherlands

+0031 (0)570-666 222

Version: March 2023