Networks and modelling

networks and modelling

Our Networks and Modelling expertise lies at the heart of much of our consultancy work. We quantify mobility, match supply and demand, and predict changes in mobility. These services are key to keeping our towns and villages safe and accessible. But we do more than that. By making more efficient use of existing roads rather than building new infrastructure, we help create a liveable environment for all.

Sustainable, efficient and safe road networks 

At Goudappel, we have a team of fifty experts working to optimise traffic flows on our roads. They do so by producing reliable traffic forecasts and organising traffic flows effectively through traffic management. Our goal is for existing and future networks to be used as sustainably, efficiently and safely as possible. 

All types of transport modes 

We focus not only on pedestrian, cycling, car and public transport networks, but also on the places where these modes converge, such as mobility hubs. We look at the current situation and then provide a sneak preview of the future so as to identify any new bottlenecks. This allows us to determine what measures may be necessary to ensure a well-functioning mobility system for the future. These range from building new infrastructure to encouraging and putting in place new forms of mobility. 

Transport modelling 

To visualise existing and future traffic situations, we apply a variety of tools including transport models. We use these to support and quantify policy choices and recommendations, whether it's strategic modelling or traffic flows at junctions, we can provide a data-based answer to any question you may have. 

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    Modelling traffic flows with traditional to state-of-the-art traffic models.


From real-time to 30 years ahead 

Adjustments to our road infrastructure, for example to ensure smooth traffic flows at junctions, are often based on the recommendations we make. We offer strategic, tactical and operational advice for different time horizons, from virtually real-time to 30 years ahead. In this way, we contribute to a safer, more accessible and liveable country. 

OmniTRANS Realtime

Improved accessibility and sustainable mobility with proactive traffic management.

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