Traffic modelling county of Noord-Brabant (the Netherlands)


OmniTRANS Analytics brabant

Since 2019, the province and all municipalities within North Brabant have been using OmniTRANS Analytics to streamline the updating of the province-wide traffic model BBMA.

Working together efficiently

Within the province, five traffic models are operational that are updated at regular intervals. For this purpose, the input of more than 60 stakeholders involved in the traffic models is collected in a short period of time. With OmniTRANS Analytics, the stakeholders are able to place reactions on the map and add attachments. The responses are unambiguously processed by the developer of the traffic models and fed back to all parties in a chat structure. OmniTRANS Analytics therefore enables an enormous acceleration of the work process.

OmniTRANS Analytics provincie Brabant

OmniTRANS Analytics

What do users think?

Martijn Heynickx, project manager BBMA of the province of North Brabant, has been closely involved with this application of OmniTRANS Analytics. Heynickx:

"It is a very nice system. It is well-organised, clear and straightforward. It is extremely fast. The working environment and the various display options of OmniTRANS Analytics work naturally and efficiently." 

Frank van den Bosch of the Helmond Municipality endorses this great advantage of OmniTRANS Analytics. In his work, Frank can use OmniTRANS Analytics to make traffic intensities and future plans easier to understand and share. Van den Bosch:

"In the past, you more often made a plot and then you could not see everything properly at a detailed level. Now you can easily look at the model results, zoom in and look at a certain area in detail, you have everything at hand immediately."   

Client: Province of North Brabant
Year: 2019 - 2021