Luc Prinsen

Luc Prinsen

consultant traffic management

With more than 30 years’ experience, I’m a specialist in traffic management, especially regarding traffic lights and phasing them so as to have a “green wave”. 

I also have extensive knowledge and experience with other aspects of traffic engineering such as transport models, designs, and road safety. My work extends from process to content and from implementation to research, and it’s at both the operational, tactical, and strategic levels. I often undertake projects in urban areas, but I also deal with the main road network. I also enjoy working on research and knowledge development concerning traffic lights. 

People describe me as knowledgeable, committed, and solution-oriented. I’m able to make the connection between theory and practice, and I enjoy working with clients. My aim is to design and operate traffic management systems and measures as purposefully, logically, and safely as possible. In that context, I always focus on the individual road users, because ultimately they’re the ones who we’re doing it all for. 

My knowledge and experience have given me a large network: I’m a member of the CVN – a contact group for Dutch traffic control technicians – and of various “Talking Traffic” working parties. And I’m a regular guest speaker at national and international events and conferences. 

For me, working at Goudappel means working with skilled colleagues on projects and on developing know-how and products. That involves not just traffic lights and traffic management but also a variety of other issues. Goudappel is an organisation that pays a lot of attention to its employees, and that extends beyond actual business matters. For example, I’m given a great deal of independence and freedom in how I do my work. 

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