Environmental impact monitoring

Monitoring milieu

Do you need insight into nitrogen precipitation or noise levels in your region? We map out the effects that spatial developments and mobility have on the environment and climate, and test these against the legal frameworks. Examples include noise pollution, air quality and greenhouse gas emissions.

Legal obligation

To monitor environmental effects, we use nationally standardised calculation models for emissions and immissions. For many governments, it is a legal obligation to draw up noise maps and to monitor air quality. We can help you meet this obligation.  

With knowledge of mobility

The effects for climate and environment are determined on the basis of road section loads for an average weekday, after which a conversion often has to be made to the traffic intensities used for an average working day. For this we use our knowledge of mobility and the insights we have into traffic intensities in the study area. With this information as input, we calculate the harmful substances (emissions) emitted.

Delivery of your choice

Taking into account environmental factors such as buildings, trees, road surface pavement and legal speed limits, we determine the noise levels per fa├žade and the air quality per street (immissions). The results of these analyses can be made available in our own web-based application iCinity, or can be delivered in the usual database formats or map images. You can also contact us for questions in the field of environmental modelling.

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