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Verkeersmodelleringssoftware OmniTRANS Expert

What effect will a change in the road network or public transport have? How will a new housing project affect the current traffic volume? What effects does increased working from home have on morning rush hour traffic? Questions that can be answered with the most commonly used traffic modelling software OmniTRANS Expert.

What is OmniTRANS Expert?

OmniTRANS Expert is the most widely used traffic modelling software in the Netherlands. OmniTRANS Expert enables model specialists to develop and apply multimodal traffic models in a flexible manner, using state-of-the art modelling techniques for matrix estimation, allocation and calibration. Goudappel's model specialists can do this for you, but you can also work with it yourself. The traffic models created with OmniTRANS Expert can answer a wide range of mobility questions. The effects of mobility interventions are clearly quantified, presented and visualised.

The benefits of OmniTRANS Expert

OmniTRANS Expert offers the following advantages:

  • The software is developed by Dat.mobility, part of Goudappel, and is therefore based on traffic insights of the mobility experts in the market;
  • Because we develop the software in close cooperation with Goudappel's model specialists, there is no noise on the line and the software works exactly as model specialists would like it to;
  • It is the most widely used traffic modelling software in the Netherlands, which has been further developed over the past 30 years;
  • OmniTRANS Expert is experienced as the most flexible and offers the most possibilities for customisation;
  • The software is used in academic and practical training courses, so that graduates who may start their careers in your organisation are already familiar with its operation and can work with it well.

OmniTRANS Expert in practice

OmniTRANS Expert comes in four modules:

  • Essentials: This is the basic module that allows you to view existing models, edit networks, make static allocations and perform all possible analyses. For most municipal clients, this module contains sufficient functionality;
  • Matrix: Suitable for the larger and heavier model applications, which require the estimation of new origin and destination matrices;
  • Public Transport: The necessary module for multimodal applications to make allocations for public transport;
  • Flow: Traffic models that work with realistic travel times and congestion calculations require dynamic (STREAMLINE) or semi-dynamic (STAQ) assignments for car traffic, which are provided in this module.

We also offer the following additional options to licence holders:

  • Service & Support: via a subscription, access to our helpdesk and free updates on the software;
  • Remote Hosting: via a secure internet connection access to your licence and associated model data in our own ISO27001 certified computer centre;
  • Training: standard training courses for beginners and advanced users, and, in cooperation with Goudappel, also customised training courses specifically aimed at the application of your own traffic model.

The future of OmniTRANS Expert

OmniTRANS Expert is continuously developed in order to remain the standard in the market. We continuously optimise the algorithms used in the software, based on new insights, trends and developments. With OmniTRANS Expert, you have future-proof traffic modelling software in your hands.

OmniTRANS Analytics

Powerful visualisation of traffic model results: OmniTRANS Analytics

Since 2019, there is a second product line in the OmniTRANS family: OmniTRANS Analytics. This web-based application sets a new standard in visualising, analysing and sharing traffic model results. The application is intuitive and can be used without any training, ideal for unlocking traffic models wider in your organisation or beyond.


OmniTRANS Analytics

A solution to make mobility data more accessible, to extract the right insights and to present these visually powerful and attractive.

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OmniTRANS Analytics

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