OmniTRANS Analytics


OmniTRANS Analytics

A solution to make mobility data more accessible, to extract the right insights and to present these visually powerful and attractive. That is what OmniTRANS Analytics offers.

For powerful and attractive visualisations 

The software visualises extensive mobility data, e.g. from traffic models, on an interactive map, providing insight in a clear manner. The data can be compared by means of various scenarios, further analysed in tables and graphs, and enriched with other data sources. This enables OmniTRANS Analytics to provide insight at a single glance into data that previously required multiple analysis tools. OmniTRANS Analytics is web-based and all data is safely stored in the cloud. 

OmniTRANS Analytics dashboard

Preview of a dashboard in OmniTRANS Analytics

The benefits of OmniTRANS Analytics 

  • Makes mobility data and traffic models visually clear, which makes them easier to analyse and allows better quality conclusions to be drawn.
  • Offers the possibility to clearly display and compare different datasets and (model) scenarios, for better consideration of choices.
  • Can be viewed and used by several people simultaneously, allowing for more efficient and better cooperation.
  • Easily accessible (no downloads and everything behind a single login) and usable on various devices, making visualisations easy to present to stakeholders, resulting in greater support.  
  • Working more efficiently by providing policymakers with direct insight into (traffic model) data, without having to call in model specialists. 
  • Quick and unambiguous communication of comments on draft results, for more efficient processes.

"Accessible, insightful and visually powerful mobility data, for better decision-making".

Easily accessible and the standard in the market 

OmniTRANS Analytics has been developed by Dat.mobility, part of Goudappel, and is therefore based on traffic engineering knowledge of the mobility experts in the market. The application is an extension of the most widely used traffic modelling platform in the Netherlands, OmniTRANS, that has been continuously developed over the past 30 years. OmniTRANS Analytics is easy to use, because knowledge of traffic modelling software is not required in order to use the programme properly. It has been developed precisely to make the complexity of traffic model results, but also other map-related data, accessible in a very simple manner. An additional advantage is that the application can also visualise data from traffic model software from other providers.  

"Better and more efficient cooperation, and easier creation of support."

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