Dat.mobility is part of Goudappel, and is the expert in data analyses and IT-solutions in the field of mobility.

We turn data into information, leading to insights and action perspectives

Mobility policy is increasingly data-driven. The enormous wealth of data helps governments and companies to understand, monitor and adjust mobility. Dat.mobility provides IT solutions and services aimed at enriching, fusing, visualising and unlocking data.

Meet Dat.mobility

Dat.mobility was founded by Goudappel in 2014. Goudappel is the leading mobility consultancy in the Netherlands, and considers it important to be able to base its advice on high-quality mobility data. Dat.mobility converts data into information that leads to insight and knowledge. We do this by processing, enriching, linking, visualising and unlocking data, with state-of-the-art algorithms and applications, and an innovative attitude to follow the latest developments, or to create them ourselves.

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A unique position

Dat.mobility is not just another IT supplier or data analyst. Because we originate from the largest Dutch consultancy in the field of mobility, we know the issues of policy makers like no other. Because of the cooperation with Goudappel consultants, our software developers can optimally tune our products and services to the customer demand. Our data analysts know exactly which gaps there are in the data, where it needs to be enriched and what tooling we can best use for that. In this way we work from two organisations within Goudappel Groep on the triptych of advice, data and modelling & software, and we can help our clients to make the best possible decisions when it comes to mobility.

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Better by working together

Because the activities of Dat.mobility and Goudappel are strongly interwoven, we choose to bring our two brands together on one website. In this way we can better show and experience that Dat.mobility and Goudappel can fully relieve you of all your worries: from data collection and analysis, to modelling, tailor-made applications, high-quality mobility advice and concrete action perspectives.

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