Smart mobility

The world of mobility is in a state of flux: technology is having an increasing impact on our society. Intelligence in vehicles and infrastructure is growing rapidly and more and more data is available. People with mobile phones and faster mobile internet are also creating a society where 'everything' is connected. 

smart mobility

This also affects how we move around. New modes of transport, new transport services and other ways of managing traffic are being developed. People's behaviour is also changing. What does this mean for the accessibility of our cities and towns? Which choices can we make, and what are the effects? How can we tackle this? That's what we focus on when working on smart mobility. 

Our vision on smart mobility

The term 'smart mobility' is used in many ways. The emphasis is often on all the technological developments that affect how we move around. These developments themselves are interesting, but it only becomes really fascinating when we make the link with our behaviour and the goals that we pursue as a society. That is what we at Goudappel call new mobility.  

What was previously too expensive or not yet possible, is now possible. To us, new mobility means seizing opportunities offered by new technology and services to make our mobility system safer, more sustainable, cleaner, more attractive and more efficient. At the same time, new technology also raises questions and it is important to understand the risks and management options so that we can get the most out of it. This also means thinking carefully about uncertainties and what role you want and can play in shaping these new developments.

Read more about our vision on smart mobility in the whitepaper below.

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