Martijn Legêne

Martijn Legêne

public transport and smart mobility consultant

The world is changing fast, and technology is making more and more possible. But how does that improve our mobility, and why should we actually want that? And what do we need to do right now to achieve our goals in the future?

Those are exactly the questions I deal with as a consultant at Goudappel. At the interplay between what already exists and innovation, I’m able to transform an abstract question into a usable product. Together with colleagues and the province of Noord-Holland, for example, I’ve worked as a project leader to develop a method that provides a realistic understanding of the social impact of Smart Mobility. That’s a good example of transforming abstract policy goals into quantifiable indicators. 

Being seconded to the operational departments of city transport companies and franchise holders has helped me understand the effects of strategic decisions. So I have both a specialist knowledge of Smart Mobility and public transport and also the ability to view those issues in a broader social perspective. That enables me to quickly work out what’s essential and work from the existing public transport system towards a mobility strategy for the future, and vice versa. 

I enjoy acting as an enthusiastic and knowledgeable project leader, and I get a lot of energy from forming a well-coordinated team. I keep my own know-how up to date and relevant by carrying out innovative research and supervising students during their internships at Goudappel. 

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