Area and location development

area and location development

The advice we provide connects up accessibility, liveability, and road safety. This is reflected in our input for zoning plans and environmental permit applications, or the process of formulating a plan. Although we occasionally provide stand-alone advice, we are usually involved from the very inception of an idea, and if necessary through to proceedings in the Council of State, the highest administrative court in the Netherlands. We bring that experience to every project we undertake.

Impact on traffic demand, parking needs, and safety 

Every development project, however small, will impact the road network. We visualise the increase in traffic and assess whether road safety and the throughflow of traffic will remain unaffected. Additionally, we assess the environmental impact, if necessary looking specifically at goods traffic. For residential developments, we advise on appropriate parking provision for cars and bicycles, possibly combined with shared mobility options. We create a parking layout plan, showing how the car park connects to the road and how this affects pedestrian and cyclist flows. Or we test an existing plan against the NEN standards. 

Related to this expertise

  • Traffic safety

    Traffic safety; an essential prerequisite for any kind of site development

  • Environmental effects

    Assessment of the standards for noise, air quality and nitrogen deposition


Assessing all aspects of an area development project 

In area development projects, the design of public space is at least as important. These are the places where people stay and move through. We believe urban development and mobility are inextricably intertwined. Road safety is an area of focus for us. Our experts therefore frequently assess existing situations. We also look at the economic impact of traffic measures at the intersection between economics and mobility. We conduct spatial-economic analyses and studies to help our clients comply with planning and environmental legislation. 

With an eye to the future, we estimate to what extent shared mobility may be promising and how it is likely to impact traffic flows, parking needs, and the public realm design. When shared mobility is integrated into a mobility hub, issues such as spatial integration and logistics flows also come into play. 

Although our consultants take an integrated approach to each individual project, you can of course contact us to discuss any particular aspect. 

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