Environmental effects

In our relatively small country, there is often an area of tension between traffic and the environment. New developments or adjustments to the public space affect the living environment. Local residents are concerned about noise pollution or pollutants in their living environment, and are quickly inclined to oppose developments. When creating new environmentally-sensitive functions or constructing or adapting infrastructure, it is therefore important to strive for a good quality of life. This should also be tested against the applicable laws and regulations.


Maximum quality of stay

We carry out the traffic-related environmental studies required in planning processes for the national government, provinces, municipalities and private parties. We often join in the early stages to help work out the plans. The right choices must be made at the earliest possible stage in order to create an area with a good quality of life.

To this end, we assess situations for example against the standards for road traffic noise, rail traffic noise, air quality and nitrogen deposition. When standards are exceeded, we look for appropriate solutions. The noise load can be reduced by means of noise-reduction measures. We determine the optimal scope of effective measures.

We also look at how we can improve the flow of traffic, for example, thus improving air quality. Environmental aspects such as noise nuisance, sleep disturbance or exposure to polluting substances also form an important consideration in variant studies. We carry out traffic and traffic-related environmental studies in environmental impact reports.

Advice based on data

Our traffic models and large quantities of spatial data provide us with the right basic data for carrying out traffic-related environmental studies. We translate the traffic data and environmental characteristics into clear research reports that give substance to the environmental aspects in spatial procedures. In this way, we offer a unique combination of data and advice.

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