Alina Prey

Alina Prey

policy and behavioural research consultant

How can we persuade people to switch from driving to public transport or cycling? How can we design infrastructure in such a way that road users understand what they need to do and are able and willing to behave in a safe manner? And how can we make cycling even more attractive and apply our Dutch know-how in other countries?

These and other issues occupy me on a daily basis in my work as a policy and behaviour research consultant at Goudappel. 

I make use of my background in traffic psychology and my experience of behavioural and perception studies. I research the causes of human behaviour by means of questionnaires, workshops, and interviews. I also evaluate the effects of mobility and sustainability measures. 

I’ve been a consultant in the Policy and Behavioural Research Team in The Hague since January 2020. I get a big energy boost from building bridges between different areas of expertise and seeing how I can contribute to tackling a challenge with my knowledge and research experience. I also work closely with our German partner AEM to deploy our expertise in Germany too. I prefer to work in interdisciplinary groups because that way I’m constantly learning something new, and each project brings new challenges. 

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