Constanza Gutiérrez Torres

Constanza Gutiérrez Torres

policy and behavioural research consultant

Are there days in which we don't need to move? I honestly don't think so!

Daily activities such as shopping, working, walking the dog, and going for a drink with friends, all require us to move, which is great! This allows us to satisfy our needs and at the same time stay active. However, it comes with interesting societal challenges as it involves transportation and urban space planning in an increasingly dynamic world. This is one of the challenges that move me every day to improve people's travel experiences and make everyday life a good experience.

I am of the idea that for generating good public policies, it is important to do iso as informed as possible. I have wide experience in data analysis, especially using big data and geographic information systems (GIS), public transport and, choice and behavioural model estimation. Perception and survey analysis, designing urban mobility indicators, and promoting the use of active modes are also well known to me.

I enjoy working on national and international transportation projects that positively impact society. At Goudappel, I can contribute with my knowledge as a transportation engineer (with a diploma in urbanism) to deliver solutions to transport problems. The base of this proposals always, lies in the promotion of sustainable and fair mobility.

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