As a software architect, I am closely involved in the development of a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) ecosystem, which can become a 'building block' for improving mobility and well-being.

MaaS is quite a technical domain, in which all kinds of (partial) transport is joined together. Here, data sharing and digital collaboration is a necessity. I am very frequently asked by parties to share my expertise and knowledge regarding data-driven mobility policy, the TOMP-API, but also around other technical standards such as CDS-M.

To provide a platform for MaaS., Goudappel works hand in hand with governments such as the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, cities and provincial governments to  Both in regulatory advice and in technology; as these two cannot exist without each other inside the MaaS domain. Together with colleagues throughout the organisation, we try to help our clients in a thorough, open manner to set and realise goals together.

I also consciously seek out market parties to be the 'linking pin': the bridge between government and market. What interests me is knowing from both sides what the (im)possibilities are and how to bring parties together. 

Do you experience issues around MaaS, the technical world behind it and the bridge to public transport, parking, micro-mobility, shared transport, cities and other MaaS-related parties? Get in touch, I will gladly make time for you.