My area of expertise is multimodal planning and policy with a focus on equity, bicycle and pedestrian planning, new mobility, and transit access. I especially enjoy working on questions at the intersection of these topics. I am someone who likes to zoom out and see the big picture, identifying how I can work with colleagues with different expertise and skillsets to answer a mobility question.

To collaborate with my colleagues, I use my strategic thinking, communication, and project management skills. Together we develop technically-sound recommendations that respond to the needs and goals of our clients and communities. I believe it is essential to collaborate with people who use (and don’t use) mobility services to ensure our recommendations reflect what people actually need to access basic needs and opportunities. 

Before joining Goudappel, I spent nearly a decade in multimodal transportation planning in the U.S. (New York City and San Francisco Bay Area). In the Fall of 2023, I moved to the Netherlands with the dream of cycling (while feeling safe and comfortable) for all of my daily needs. That dream quickly became a reality! I am excited to experience how my life and work continues to transform and to share the lessons I learn with others.