Erik Oerlemans

Erik Oerlemans

public transport consultant

Public transport is a complex system. Operational choices in the timetable can put pressure on the quality of the system at a regional level and vice versa. I therefore view it as a challenge to find a workable solution within that complicated context.

I’ve been a public transport consultant for more than ten years now, and I’ve become familiar with the many aspects of public transport, both in the Netherlands and abroad. And through being seconded to the HTM, GVB and RET transport operators, I’ve learned a great deal about how urban public transport works in actual practice.

I make active use of that know-how to address operational and tactical issues. But where public transport is concerned, it’s rare for an issue to be limited to just a single topic. With my traffic engineering background, I make the link with data analysis, traffic models, infrastructure design, traffic‑light systems, and road safety whenever necessary. Different perspectives generate more insights and so it’s important to keep track of the overall picture. I strive to translate lessons learned into practical solutions, so I often ask myself “what can we learn from this?”

At Goudappel I have more than 200 colleagues with traffic and transport expertise – so I can still learn new things from them! That’s not just enjoyable but it’s also ideal: bringing in the right experts at the right time improves the research result, making it more relevant and more rewarding.

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