Federico Tallis

Federico Tallis

transportation data scientist

I am passionate about transportation and have a personal mission around reducing dependency on automobiles. With a background in urban planning as well as GIS, I consider myself a liaison between transportation planning/engineering and Data Science.

As a consultant at Dat.mobility, my role is to optimize existing workflows to be more efficient. By introducing new technology and ways of working I’m improving the way we conduct and deliver our work

I joined Goudappel in late 2022 from the United States where I dedicated over a decade of my career towards the expansion and improvement of non-personal vehicle transportation. While I did start my career as a transportation planner, driven by intellectual curiosity, I have become increasingly more technical and have recognized many opportunities to adopt emerging data science techniques towards the improved use of and interpretation of mobility data.

I am valued by my clients for my ability to understand how datasets can be applied towards transportation planning problems, but also for my ability to execute these analyses, and ultimately convey insight in ways that make policy strategies clear to stakeholders.

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