Hannah van Amelsfort

Hannah van Amelsfort

policy and behavioural research consultant

Society is facing a number of major challenges, while at the same time new trends and technologies are developing faster than ever. Extrapolating historical trends is therefore neither possible nor desirable, making effective decision-making more complex.

We need new, faster, and adaptive decision-making processes that take explicit account of uncertainty and that keep pace with knowledge and market developments. I assist in this by facilitating complex decision-making with data and analyses in processes involving different interests and parties.

In doing so, I focus on the development and application of such things as data-driven policy-making, scenario planning, structured decision-making, behavioural research, and new analytical methodologies. This is not only for drawing up new policies but also for evaluating and monitoring existing policies and pilots.

In this connection, I’m really interested in the design of pricing policy, and I make use of the extensive international, practical, and research experience I accumulated after my PhD research at Delft University of Technology. I also lived and worked in Sweden for 11 years, and I still make use of the experience I gained there on a daily basis. My solid analytical background and my feeling for administrative processes enable me to translate policymakers’ questions into clear analyses and the results of those analyses into perspectives for policy and action.

My experience in Asia and North America has made clear to me how important mobility is for access to development opportunities for different groups of people. We can’t design our mobility system solely for “the average Dutchman”, and we therefore need to clarify the impact of policy alternatives on the intersectionality of inequality. That’s one of the developments I aim to contribute to.

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