Improving how people move and interact with their environment, that’s my motivation. I work as a GIS consultant at Dat.mobility (part of Goudappel), where I’ am actively contributing to shaping a sustainable future through innovative mobility solutions. Working on a range of projects, from public transport and cycling to pedestrians and road networks, I am deeply committed to improving how people move and interact with their environment.

My expertise lies in managing the digitized road network, updating and enhancing it for accurate modelling. For instance, I leverage vehicle flow data to calculate emissions and pinpoint areas with higher pollution levels, supporting efforts to create cleaner, greener urban spaces.

Another focus is accessibility analysis, where I use geospatial data to assess the impact of transport measures on people's access to vital services like jobs, schools, and hospitals. By providing valuable insights, I assist decision-makers in crafting mobility policies that improve overall accessibility.

Collaborating with colleagues and exchanging knowledge is very important at Dat.mobility. It does not only ensures that we deliver cutting-edge solutions but is also crucial for my professional growth. As an advisor, my passion for sustainable mobility drives me to create a more efficient, equitable, and environmentally friendly society. And that is exactly why working at Dat.mobility/Goudappel suits me so well.

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