I get excited by complex issues about the future of cities worldwide. Mobility and space play a major role.

My broad background in Architecture & Transport and Infrastructure & Logistics (I studied both at Delft University of Technology) means I’ve become familiar with both the urban planning and the traffic engineering sides of our profession. So my expertise is therefore precisely at the interplay between mobility and the urban environment, and I see this integrated approach and the ability to think out of the box as my main strengths. 

I previously worked at Delft University of Technology, researching walkable and bikeable cities, both in the Netherlands and internationally. As part of that, I worked on a number of international strategic design assignments for cities such as Johannesburg and São Paulo. That international social value is again relevant in my work at Goudappel, where I’ve been an urban mobility consultant since 2017. 

At Goudappel I work on various projects, ranging from perception studies, national and international strategy, vision, and design in public space to design studies. I’m also a member of the board of the Iganga Foundation, where I work to promote sustainable mobility and knowledge transfer in the Global South. I have a feel for what’s important socially, and I think it’s essential to look at public space from a human perspective. 

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