Iris Aviezer

policy and behavioural research consultant

Iris Aviezer tijdelijk

With a quarter of emissions stemming from mobility, I am compelled to act, promoting sustainability and mitigating the climate crisis.

Bringin a unique blend to Goudappel’s team, I am a biologist with a PhD, whose career has transitioned from impactful government work abroad focusing on climate and energy issues to my current role as an advisor. As Einstein said: "Everything is energy and that is all there is to it" —a truth echoing from biology to mobility. 

My journey positioned me to navigate the complexities of sustainable mobility. At Goudappel, I am passionate about translating my diverse background into actionable strategies and policies. Using science and data, I strive to inform better decision-making. Working at Goudappel means contributing to a meaningful mission, assisting clients in making smart and sustainable choices that shape the future of mobility, and ultimately, fostering a comfortable and sustainable environment for all. 

In essence, my role as an advisor encompasses a holistic approach to sustainable urban mobility, drawing on my interdisciplinary expertise and commitment to creating positive societal impact. Do your challenges involve climate and energy? Do you want to organize and execute scattered thoughts? Or do you seek to connect seemingly unrelated dots? Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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