Jelmer Herder

Jelmer Herder

traffic forecasting consultant

Due to my extensive experience I have a broad general knowledge in the field of traffic models. You can contact me for questions concerning the development of traffic models as well as their application towards policy issues.

I am also involved in the new generation of traffic models that take into account the changing mobility behavior and displacements of each individual. Issues surrounding the changing transition to other modalities and the household composition in new housing programs can be solved with this.

Besides applying the traffic models of Goudappel, I also have extensive experience with the national and regional traffic models of Rijkswaterstaat. In recent years Goudappel has been involved in preparing new base forecasts, as well as using the traffic models in studies and explorations.

For me, working at Goudappel means working at a high quality level with expertly driven colleagues. Thinking in solutions and providing space for innovation are important conditions for me to do my job well and this is all possible here. The variety in our work also appeals to me.

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