Jeroen Kuijpers

Jeroen Kuijpers

traffic engineering and spatial design consultant

The challenge for me as a traffic engineering and spatial designer is to tackle complex inner-city redevelopment challenges that involve substantial change.

The key is to bring together different areas of expertise and disciplines so as to produce a design that meets the set standards, requirements, and preconditions. That design must fit within its spatial setting and also create a safe, forgiving, and recognisable situation for all traffic participants. As a traffic designer, I can use my expertise to support this design process and adjust it where necessary. 

I like to look at things from a different perspective, and other people view me as knowledgeable, critical, and precise. I really like to get stuck into finding out about or developing certain things, but I’m also flexible and always willing to think along with other people. 

My specialisation is tackling and implementing inner-city redevelopment projects at various levels using AutoCAD.

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