Mobility is one of the forces that drives society. But it also has negative effects on society, such as danger and congestion on the roads, air pollution, and noise nuisance. That paradox creates an interesting work arena where I feel entirely at home.

I’m a traffic engineer with a broad orientation and a wide range of interests. I’m also a good observer and I continue to ask questions until the question underlying those questions is clear too. That makes me the right person for clients to talk to. I draw energy from complex questions and I feel responsible for coming up with a suitable answer. With input from our specialists, I can then translate trends, data, and insights in the field of mobility into decision-making information for our clients. 

The knowledge and experience I’ve gained from previous projects comes in very useful, for example my work on designing the Multimodal Hub at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. At Goudappel, I’m therefore an essential point of contact for issues relating to airports: projects in which there are various interests that always need to be weighed up and in which all aspects of our profession converge. 

That makes my knowledge and experience valuable for other clients as well. Besides airport projects, I also like to work on multimodal hubs, integrated studies regarding design, road safety and traffic flow, as well as issues relating to cycling, climate, and housing. I don’t only make use of my own expertise but also all the traffic engineering expertise of my Goudappel colleagues. 

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