Monica van Luven

public transport consultant

Monica van Luven

Public transport is a crucial piece of the mobility puzzle that contributes to a more sustainable, healthy, and livable society. Working as a public transport advisor at Goudappel allows me to improve societal welfare by advancing public transport in the Netherlands.

I primarily work with the analysis of public transport data and the interpretation of these results to provide insightful conclusions. Of particular interest to me are operational and strategic network planning projects that help to improve public transport in the short and medium term. I get energy from improving the design of public transport systems to make public transport a more competitive travel alternative and facilitate a modal shift away from cars.

I am also interested in inclusive mobility and how we can build a transport system that is fair and accessible for everyone, with special attention to the mobility needs of vulnerable groups. I enjoy working on projects related to the quantification of social equity indicators and evaluation of the distributional impacts of mobility policies. After all, quantifying social equity is an important step in guiding our discussions about what an equitable transportation system looks like and how we can achieve this goal.

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