Nick Juffermans

Nick Juffermans

strategic consultant on smart mobility and logistics

As regards mobility, we are living in the most exciting time for over a hundred years. Technological developments in the form of mobility hubs, sustainable urban logistics, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), and light electric vehicles are challenging policymakers and advisers to make major choices again. 

As a strategic consultant, I enjoy making the link between how we currently view mobility and the innovations of tomorrow. That’s why I’m the point of contact for many clients and colleagues about new policy themes such as mobility hubs, sustainable urban logistics, and MaaS. I take the initiative to put new topics on the agenda and thus anchor innovations in our professional work. 

Thanks to my many years of experience in initiating and guiding public-private partnerships, I can facilitate a people-oriented dialogue in numerous projects. I believe that’s the only way to bring about a truly integrated solution. Besides being innovative by nature, I always adopt a realistic point of view. I translate distant visions of the future into specific measures and concepts that make our living environment cleaner and more attractive day by day.  

And outside my work in various project teams, I also like to discuss the development of mobility in the Netherlands. That’s why I’m a familiar face at conferences and other events that focus on mobility.  

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