In a constantly changing world, I want to make an impact within society by using mobility to contribute to an attractive living environment for everyone.

My broad background in traffic engineering, urban planning, and architecture means that I approach mobility from an integrated perspective. I’m therefore convinced that a good mobility plan is also a spatial plan, a climate plan, a social plan, and an economic plan. That’s why in a project I always seek cooperation with various different policy domains and stakeholders as far as possible. 

In recent years, I’ve been involved in various strategic consultancy projects in the Netherlands and Belgium. As an urban mobility consultant, I’m in my element when I can tackle complex mobility issues. I’m an enthusiastic, creative, and dedicated consultant who loves to bring all the pieces of the jigsaw together into a single strong narrative. I then find it important to translate that narrative into clear images and explain it to the public in an accessible way. 

I attach great importance to close, open, and friendly cooperation within the team, and I always look for a good balance between relieving the client of the burden and getting it fully involved. That way, I can provide the client with products that offer the right guidelines and decision-making information. 

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