Issues regarding spatial development and mobility, or about hubs and public transport nodes – those are the kinds of topics that clients need to approach me about.

My strength lies in the ability to think along with projects at different levels of scale and to work in a goal-oriented manner. Whether it’s strategic visions or location-specific issues: I always keep the final goal in sight, and I like to be involved in balancing interests and building support. That in turn contributes to a widely supported final product that everyone can understand. 

Every issue is unique and demands an individual approach and a suitable project team; I view that as a challenge. Fortunately, Goudappel has a large and varied team of consultants, each with their own strengths. By putting together a project team in which everyone’s talents and qualities are given their full due (on both the client’s side and ours), we can work together towards a more sustainable, healthier, and more attractive Netherlands. 

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Hoe ontwikkelt u een toekomstvisie voor een locatie waar veel partijen actief zijn en waar verschillende belangen samenkomen? En hoe zorgt u ervoor dat een investering op de korte termijn bijdraagt aan de ambitie van het knooppunt op de lange termijn? Wij helpen u met onze aanpak voor het inrichten van ov-knooppunten.

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