The profession of traffic engineer is changing rapidly, especially where cities are concerned. More and more cities – both in the Netherlands and elsewhere – are realising that a situation with more and more cars doesn’t make the place safe and attractive for everyone. But how do you make sure that it all doesn’t just stop at fine but empty words, and is in fact translated into practical and effective solutions?

With an open mind and almost 25 years of know-how as regards bicycle traffic, road safety and design, I advise parties throughout the Netherlands and elsewhere on a wide range of issues. From cycling-priority streets to shared space and from priority squares to busy 30 kph roads – how do we ensure that these concepts work, are understood, and are applied properly? In my work as a consultant, I deal with these issues every day. As a road safety auditor, I also work as an independent expert to assess a whole range of diverse plans and traffic situations throughout the country: from bike paths to motorways and from up in Groningen right down to Terneuzen. 

As the cycling theme leader, I make sure our consultants keep abreast of developments in the world of cycling and that we at Goudappel develop the necessary knowledge and tools ourselves where necessary. I’m at my best when it comes to thinking about, assessing, and researching new traffic solutions in and around cities. 

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