Samir Anjanovic

Samir Ajanovic

parking and location development consultant

Working at Goudappel means contributing to a sustainable, safe and accessible living environment.

As a parking & location development consultant, I work on all kinds of developments throughout the Netherlands on a daily basis. Partly due to the housing shortage, there will be a lot of building in the coming years, often in inner-city areas. Due to a lack of space, this brings with it the necessary challenges. A thorough investigation of the traffic effects is therefore of great importance. My studies in Mobility at Breda University of Applied Sciences (formerly NHTV) have given me the right traffic engineering knowledge.

In addition, I am also very involved in parking issues. The professional field is increasingly asking for customised solutions. Based on car ownership and location, among other things, we examine what the appropriate parking requirements and solutions are. In this way, we prevent the construction of too many or too few parking spaces.

Finally, at Goudappel I am also involved in the subject of pedestrians. Despite the fact that the subject is still in its infancy in the Netherlands, there has been increasing interest in it over the past few years. More attention to pedestrians also fits in perfectly with what we at Goudappel are striving for, namely increasing broad prosperity by creating a sustainable, healthy and safe living environment for everyone.

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