Simon Bleijenberg

Simon Bleijenberg

advisor parking, retail & city centre development

Since childhood, I have had an above-average interest in mobility. It is a sector that stays is always relevant and has a lot of impact on everyday life. At the same time, it’ is also a sector in which coordination between different modalities often remains underexposed. As a result, there are still many opportunities to make developments and policies more efficient and integrated.

That is why, as a parking, retail & city centre development consultant at Goudappel, I deal with a wide range of topics such as parking, shared mobility, mobility strategies, traffic generation, logistics and spatial economy. I have a broad interest and try to approach issues from different angles. In doing so, I try to get to the heart of the matter quickly and get to the bottom of the various interests at stake. I am also involved in incorporating well-being within our field of work.

From my economics studies, I learned to quantify matters and present them as objectively as possible, in order to provide policymakers with the right tools. I specialised in spatial, transport, environmental and health economics. In these subjects, I learned which incentives lead to certain behaviour and how we can influence this behaviour. Translating objective and measurable criteria into solid and evidence-based policy gives me a lot of energy. Besides my work at Goudappel, I'm also politically active, which enables me to have a good idea of political sensitivities.

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