Sören Bigalke

Sören Bigalke

parking and location development consultant

Nowadays, mobility is no longer viewed as something separate but rather as an integral part of solving the challenges facing society today.

For me, working at Goudappel means I can contribute to tackling those challenges. The main themes in my work are making the mobility system more sustainable and at the same time keeping it accessible for everyone, as well as the housing challenge facing the Netherlands. 

With my engineering background, I like to look at issues within projects from an analytical point of view and translate data into insights. I then use the insights gained to provide substantiated advice. I feel at home in projects involving location development in connection with parking and traffic, logistics, and behavioural analysis. 

In the past year, I’ve therefore worked on various projects concerning location development, the logistics of delivering supplies to various functions, and a behavioural analysis of motorists in combination with information services. 

Within projects, I prefer to work in groups with a multidisciplinary team. After all, mobility involves so many issues and it’s a broad field of expertise. I’m convinced that the members of a team with different skills and know-how can complement one another and ultimately produce a better result. 

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