Tanja Hardt

Tanja Hardt

traffic forecasting consultant

“More than the past, it’s the future that interests me, since that’s where I intend to live.” – Albert Einstein.

Studying applied mathematics at the University of Twente, I learned how to model problems and solve them mathematically. Since late 2016 I’ve been working at Goudappel as a traffic forecasting consultant. My work mainly involves improving our transport models still further and performing calculations for situations in the future. I’m particularly interested in transport modelling because that demands a bit more than the usual kind of work. I focus especially on important developments such as micro-models and tour-based models, but small-scale models for a special requirement are also very interesting. 

Transport models are a useful tool for advising on a scenario for future situations. They make it possible to test out various different situations and decide on the best solution. I enjoy constructing models of reality that are as accurate as possible, analysing them, and then providing advice based on the outcome. 

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