Young Goudappel

Young Goudappel is a network of young professionals within Goudappel. It is a platform for exchanging knowledge, experiences and needs, both on a personal level and in the field.

Networking and exchanging knowledge

Jong Goudappel was created from the idea of learning from and inspiring each other through this internal network. Young Goudappel stimulates, takes a critical look and holds up a mirror to the entire company where necessary.

Several times a year the Young Goudappel committee organises a theme day or an activity aimed at exchanging experiences, gaining new knowledge, or just for fun.

Learning from Young Goudappel

People who have been working for Goudappel for some time also benefit from Young Goudappel. The network appears to be an important instrument to spread the knowledge of this young, fresh group through our organisation. In this way everyone can learn from each other. They also have an active role in our company and think actively about the long-term strategy. After all, they are the future leaders in the field of mobility. In short: Young Goudappel is there for the young and the not so young.