Developing and sharing knowledge

Goudappel is home to over 280 experts who bring a wealth of knowledge to our organisation from their various backgrounds and expertise in the field of mobility. Through numerous external activities and cooperation with our partners, we continuously expand our knowledge base to be at the forefront of the newest developments and research to retain our highly reputable name with our clients and partners. In addition to knowledge development, we are also emphatically engaged in knowledge sharing, both in the Netherlands and beyond Dutch borders. We see this as our social responsibility and a good way to contribute to progressing innovation in our field.


Beyond the borders of the mobility domain

To create a sustainable society for everyone, we at Goudappel have to look beyond the boundaries of the mobility domain. Mobility plays an important role in issues such as availability of housing, a changing climate and reducing nitrogen in the atmosphere. Taken together, all of these issues are intertwined and require an integrated approach to develop innovative and attainable solutions. In order to give mobility the right form and contribute to these solutions, the interplay with other elements within an issue must be properly understood and included in the decision-making process. This requires cooperation between companies, governments and knowledge institutions (triple helix), but also interaction with citizens (quadruple helix). Goudappel contributes to these ecosystems in which knowledge is exchanged and further developed in order to jointly come up with solutions for the biggest challenges that are affecting urban environments worldwide.


Partners and events

Goudappel works with various knowledge organisations to exchange information and develop new knowledge together. For instance, we are partner of the Dutch Cycling Embassy, and we publish in various journals and on knowledge platforms.

Goudappel advisors also sit on various advisory committees, such as those of the ETC congress, Platos or the CVS congress, and of several colleges. In addition, our advisors regularly give lectures or workshops at events such as Intertraffic and the ITS conference. We also organise events ourselves.

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