International partnerships

Goudappel is active in the international market in various ways, from knowledge sharing to mobility consultancy, to participation in international congresses. Together with local partners, Goudappel actively seeks new opportunities to share and apply our expertise to metropolitan regions and cities worldwide.

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To remain active in the international market, Goudappel has partnerships with multiple affiliate consultancy companies with whom we cooperate in metropolitan regions and cities globally. Goudappel's participations abroad are further described below:

In Belgium the mobility consultancy MINT: Goudappel has been affiliated with MINT since the consultancy first started in 2008. MINT has more than 30 employees that work at offices in both Mechelen and Ghent. MINT primarily works on projects and assignments in the Flemish market where their experts provide services in the field of traffic planning and data modelling to provide insights to mobility.

In Sweden, the mobility and urban planning consultancy Urbanista Stad: Urbanista started in Goethenburg in 2017 and now consists of about 10 experts in the field of urban development. Because Urbanista has recently shifted towards projects that combine urban planning and mobility, Goudappel and Urbanista regularly work together to bridge both companies’ knowledge and experience in their respective fields for European projects and assignments. 

In Germany, the gender-focused mobility management agency Fair Spaces: Fair Spaces started in 2020 as AEM and is based in Berlin. Founder Carolin Kruse envisioned a world where everyone has equal access to sustainable forms of mobility. For these reasons, Fair Spaces focuses on projects aimed at social inclusiveness, attention to the environment and quality of life. Moreover, cycling as well as gender and diversity are often central to their work. They also provide educational courses, such as their popular course 'Accessible and Equitable Mobility', for students and working professionals. We work on multiple projects together.

In Italy, the urban mobility agency Città Sotto Scacco: CSS started in 2019 and is based near the city of Venice. Their work focuses on projects in which urban mobility plays an important role. CSS is also active within the private market for projects concerning mobility issues and play a role.

In the United States, we are working with several different partners, and we are seeking to work with more partners who are interested in bringing an international perspective to their work. Most recently, we have partnered with consultancies on bicycle planning projects in Colorado, Minnesota, and Texas.  If desired, Goudappel can bring any other mobility related expertise to U.S. projects. We regularly attend major U.S. transportation conferences, like NACTO’s Designing Cities Conference and the TRB Annual Meeting. We are able to conduct work in the U.S. via Mobility Flow, a joint-venture between EV4 LLC and Goudappel that started in 2019.

In addition to our affiliate companies, Goudappel has structural partnerships with other consultancy firms. These include Sistem Global in Turkey and Access Planning in Canada. We also facilitate partnerships on a project-by-project basis.

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