National and international partnerships

We work together with national and international partners - each specialised in different aspects of mobility. This makes us part of a unique network that allows us to exchange knowledge and expertise on every aspect, and to work together to advance the field of mobility.

International partnerships

We are active internationally, both in the field of knowledge sharing and in providing mobility advice. For our activities outside the Netherlands, we often work together with local partners. We specifically search for similar mobility issues or organisations that match our knowledge and culture. The nature of our international cooperation therefore varies per project or assignment.

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nationale samenwerkingen

National partnerships

On the Dutch mobility market, Goudappel is a major player with minority interests in a number of organisations. Within these partnerships we mainly look for additions to our own services.

Internationale samenwerkingen tijdelijk


In the Dutch Metropolitan Innovations (DMI) ecosystem, the business community, knowledge institutions and government are working together on new digital instruments that contribute to smart, sustainable urbanization and mobility innovation. Goudappel is part of the DMI ecosystem.

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